Monday, May 14, 2018

How to calculate the scores

How to calculate the scores?

Information about the reading, use of English and listening part -
How do I give marks?

38 - 50    "5"
29 - 37    "4"
20 - 28    "3"

Use of English
20 - 28 "5"
14 - 19 "4"
10 - 13 "3"

22 - 30 "5"
16 - 21 "4"
12 - 15 "3"

Friday, May 4, 2018

A writing task for from 10.c

Task Type: Letter of Application

You have seen the following job advertisement in your local youth centre.
(Weekends only)
  • Would you like to work with young children aged 5-11?
  • Do you have lots of energy?
  • Are you an excellent swimmer?
If the answer to these questions is 'yes' then we want to hear from you. Our Children's Club is looking for someone to be in charge of a group of 10 children to teach them swimming and to do a range of other activities. Please send a letter to Mrs Sykes saying why you are suitable for the job.
Write your letter of application to Mrs Sykes (around 140-190 words).

Monday, April 16, 2018

A writing task on passive for form 9.b/c

Choose the first sentence of your story here - It doesn't have to be the first sentence it gives to you. Click "Click here" until you find the one that suits you.

- Your story must have a catchy title.
- Your story has to be divided into paragraphs. It can't be one continuous story.
- Your story has to be finished and it has to have a point/morale/message.
- Use and highlight passive sentences in your story. You have to use the following constructions:
                 - 3 regular passive sentences (WB p.50-51)
                 - 3 impersonal constructions (WB p.51)
                 - 3 have something done constructions (WB p.52)
- Write it in Drive and share with me
- Write 200 - 250 words

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A task for form 11.b on April 11 and 13

Divide yourselves into two EQUAL groups (9 people in each). Those two groups will make their own A-Z Of Scientists. Take the whole English alphabet and find a scientist (past or present) for each letter. I'd like you to add a photo of him and write a 3-4-sentence description of him (leave out the birth date and when he died). Please, don't copy/paste the descriptions form the Internet. Instead, work out the best possible description of what the person (has) achieved IN YOUR OWN WORDS. And with some letters I imagine you have a choice to make, so choose the most OUTSTANDING scientist for each letter.

Do it in Drive and as a Google document (not slideshow). Share it with me already on Wednesday, then I can see how much work you managed to do in a lesson. Add your names to the document as well. 

Font: Arial 12
Reasamm: 1,5

If there are any questions, send me an email contact me on Messenger and I'll try to answer quickly.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A photo task for form 9.b/c

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Form 11.d > TED Talk presentations

The power of believing that you can improve - Carol Dweck  (Angelika and Kätlin)
Let's get naked - Sheila Kelley (Hannamari and Anna Martha)
Looks aren't everything - Cameron Russell (Rebeka and Simone)
Why school should start later for teens - Wendy Troxel (Ingmar and Karl)
How to multiply your time - Rory Vaden (Victoria and Kaspar)
Video games are f**king awesome - Eric Jordan (Aleks and Hans)